My Priorities

My priorities are as follows:

1. Quality public education must be the top priority for America to continue leading the world in innovation and productivity. Education is the key to a civil society and is the gateway to achieving economic advancement.

We must recommit ourselves to making our nation the most educated in the world. Our democracy depends on it!

The average college graduate in 2016 had $37,172 in student loan debt. This debt prevents students from buying homes and starting businesses. It is a drag on our economy and congress must make it a top priority to increase college affordability and ensure that all Americans can graduate college debt free.

2. I will hold regular town hall meetings in the district.

3. Protect women’s ability to control their own reproductive rights. We do not need big government making decisions on women’s health issues. I will publicly speak out against the defunding of Planned Parenthood. They are the largest provider of women’s health services in America and they should be reimbursed for their services like any other provider.

4. We must reduce CO2 emissions.
I will publicly speak out against legislation which will accelerate global warming. Easing EPA regulation of CO2 will negatively impact the Sierra Nevada snowpack and will negatively impact our beaches and coastal communities because of rising sea levels.

Higher temperatures cause droughts that impact our water supply and devastate our agricultural production.

5. I stand for ethical behavior.
Publicly stand up to Donald Trump when he signs unlawful and unethical executive orders which discriminate against our CA-45 residents who are from Muslim majority nations.

6. Remain fiscally conservative.
We need to prioritize government spending. I would prioritize education and infrastructure projects (roads and bridges) instead of wasting money on a wall between the USA and Mexico. In America, our university students should not graduate buried by massive debt and our roads should not be littered with potholes.

Fiscal conservatism means making choices with our government’s financial resources. We can not wage war, massively increase military spending, build a border wall, and increase infrastructure spending while reducing revenue. This lack of fiscal discipline leads to massive deficits. We must prioritize government spending.

7. Fix the ACA in such a way that all Americans will continue to have access to affordable health insurance.

I have no intention of becoming a career politician. If elected I will speak out for the policies listed above, even if it offends party leaders and costs me their endorsements and their financial support. I will work for the residents of CA-45!

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