Individual Donors Not Corporations!

During the general election, Bernie Sanders was able to harness the power of millions of small contributors to fund his campaign. He was able to spurn large corporate donors in favor of individual contributions.

Was this a one-time phenomenon?
Can it be repeated in CA-45?

The jury is still out on whether a congressional campaign can exist without large donations from corporations and special interest groups.


This campaign will cost vast sums of money and I will not be seeking corporate contributions. I am testing whether a grassroots campaign, which relies on individual donors is viable. If not all of our future candidates will be doing the work of their corporate donors. You can change this! Stopping the corporate influence on campaigns begins with individual financial participation. 

Please contribute and send the message that individuals can fund campaigns. Even if you send a Bernie-like contribution of $30, that sends a strong message the “We The People” will control our future! Not special interest groups and corporations!

Contribute Now:

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