Rob Schneiderman has spent his career ensuring students in California receive the quality education. As a product of California’s public school system, he is the first in his family to receive a B.A. and has been a tireless advocate for college students.

Schneiderman has taught in both the K-12 system and the Community College system. He began his career teaching special needs students at a low socioeconomic middle school in Los Angeles County and is currently a professor at Orange Coast College in Orange County.

Experience in public education has shaped Schneiderman’s priorities. While committed to fiscal responsibility, he supports quality public education as a top priority for America to continue leading the world in innovation and productivity. He believes that education is the key to a civil society and is the gateway to achieving economic advancement.

Elected as Counseling Division Chair at Orange Coast College, Schneiderman worked to improve the lives of students. He created an accelerated pre-med program which provided pre-med experiences for gifted students. While serving on the Academic Senate, Schneiderman was elected to serve as Secretary, Vice President, and was a representative to the California State Academic Senate Curriculum Committee and gave conference presentations on their behalf.

Rob is currently the President of the Faculty union which represents over 1000 faculty members from Orange Coast College, Golden West College, and Coastline College. As union President he works with management and faculty to create a dynamic learning environment that challenges students, provides academic freedom for faculty, and creates university transfer opportunities.

Through local, regional, or statewide political action committees, Schneiderman has been working to elect leaders who share his priorities of quality public education, fiscal responsibility and economic growth.

Schneiderman has been married for over twenty years and has two children who attend public schools. His wife is an educator who teaches at California State University, Fullerton.

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